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Everyone wants Financial abundance, a comfortable home, good health, meaningful work they enjoy, nurturing relationships with their family and friends and an opportunity to make a difference in the world. But, only few are making it. Why?

If one's intention is to achieve all the above in life, then job / Profession is not going to help you. With due respect to job / profession, it can help to achieve only few of them and never all of them.


Power Team International is an organisation set up in the year 2009 with a primary motive to help any ordinary individual to build a successful Network Marketing business in India and globally in association with our business partners, by way of conducting Opportunity Meetings (Open meetings), PASE (Product And System Education) Meetings, Team Meetings / Success Rallis and Business Building Seminars.

We do organise regional NDOP (New Distributor Orientation Programs), Wellness Seminars, etc, to give quality Business information to aspiring Individual Business Owners (IBO).

We also lead every aspiring individual to get exposed with other great leaders / successful personalities in this business to gain more knowledge and faith to build a constructive business.


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